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Ashton today 3/12/15

Awwwwww he's just sooooo adorable, I wanna punch his cheeks<><> Pinch, sweetheart, the word you are looking for it pinch

awwww>>>this is hilarious!! I was at a one direction/5sos concert the other day and he was LITTERALY dripping sweat!!

Catholics gather in prayer groups as social clubs praying the imaginary god and discriminating to poor people who can not enter this social groups.

Exactly<<it doesn't matter when we found them 2011-till right in this moment all that maters is that u love all equally and respect them like u would a friend or family member bc they live us all no matter when we found them - Isabella

I fell in love with them when they uploaded the teenage dirtbag cover. I fell in love and stayed in love.

pinterest: ☆nbhdsinner☆

✨✨✨✨it stated out like a movie, but it ended like a bad dream✨✨✨✨

-_-<<< I wouldn't expect less from him.>>> That is almost the first thing I noticed.>>> hahaha Michael

His phone case isn't stupid I mean it's pizza! Michael would find that offensive. Not that you don't like his case, about *whispers* YOU DONT LIKE PIZZA