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Summer Glau rehearsing for firefly

Summer Glau rehearsing for firefly

Summer Glau on set of Serenity Ballerina turned Sci-Fi action star.

➶ Cuando te vi, una parte de mi dijo »es hermosa» y la otra se imagin… #misteriosuspenso # Misterio / Suspenso # amreading # books # wattpad

La mente del Psicópata

Me: *screams and runs down the hall* Toby: hehehe.

They had gotten to know the ventilation system better than they knew anything else about MI-6.

William slipped through the ceiling tile with a serious stare, then landing with a ridiculous grin on his face.

"Shoot me. This isn't real, anyway." "Is that what your brother tells you? That they're just dreams?" He grips my hair and pulls me backward, digging the barrel of his gun into my forehead. "I assure you, this pain will be very, very real."

"She is right," he stammered, looking up at the man with tearful eyes." The gunman demanded." With a growl, the man hit Thomas across the face with his gun.

""I can't believe i got us into this mess.." Carter says as he buries his face in his hands. "It's going to be okay." Kyra replies softly. "we will find a way out, we always do." credit @Koujaku23"

((Open RP)) I am in a dark room you look at me from your cell next to mine- I'm in a state of confusion and fear- "where are we" I ask you (Get Him Back Writing Prompts)

Me he puesto mis pantalones favoritos y al mirarme al espejo me lancé un beso. Me pinté mis uñas del mismo color y pise tierra firme con muchas ganas de vivir y con la vista en el firmamento, no te…

Declaración de independencia de una mujer

Straddles the wild and synthetic in an ode to nature, Iamamiwhoami debuts her latest release for the album “Blue” on NOWNESS

(Open RP) I stood silent as I raised the camera. I didn't know what you were doing in there but by the look of the candles and the overbearing smell of candles I could tell you were a witch. I was normal for the most part. I could do some things but I didn't have a lot of magic, at least not that I knew of. I hear the camera click and I flinch when your gaze falls on me. "Shoot." I whisper as i start to back away from the broken window.

Finley is a British soldier, staring back at you from the shattered window of a war-zone. He is your enemy, and seems to be unarmed. (Please adapt character to be WWII soldier.