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Dear guys, take a hint!

I think thats how girls treat guys in general. I do this to all my guy-friends as well as my crush (Though I don't hit him XD)

I actually am thankful when I say thanks a lot.

Guys, are you tired of not being able to understand the teen gals in your life? A (few) translations from the *original* teen~girls language. (Not guaranteed to be completely accurate)

My family likes to tease me but THIS explains how I feel all the time! I'm just me... nothing extraordinary! I can't picture it...

I really can't picture anyone having a crush on me or falling in love with me. I can't picture someo

Here's to the girls - being an imperfect person and having flaws or insecurities makes you far more special than anyone who thinks they are perfect.

Not at all like me but power to any girl. I wear skinny jeans and makeup, but that doesn't matter. It is my choice. Every girl is beautiful.<<< Yeah, I only wear makeup when I'm bored, I can't wear skinny jeans cause my legs are too long

So true

15 Things a girl wants from her guy but won't ask for. Guys, this is a true list. After being in a relationship, these are the kinds of things I wanted from my guy but I was too shy to ask for because I thought I would be annoying him. Make her happy~

I know you did... I know how I hurt you and it still hurts me... you loved me in a way no man could ever replicate... I saw it... only man who truly had my back even when I couldn't be yours... I was so naive and foolish.. even blind... because it hurt and I only needed to be with you... I tucked it away and slowly fell apart alone... what I had with you was sacred... nobody else's business. Precious, protected, for my heart only... and yours... still there... never went away!

Fall in love with me all of me good and bad. Fall in love with my flaws. Fall in love with all of me, the whole me, the real me. or don't love me at all. Love all of me.

I know you wouldn't believe me but in this situation I would say: Like

Oh, so that's what happened. I crossed over from crush territory into like and now we're just friends. No wonder my poor heart aches.

if i talk to you quotes | We Barely Talk Now,If You Wanna Stop Talking ~ Break Up Quote

We barely talk now. If you wanna stop talking, it's fine. I'm just tired of waiting and watching you avoiding me.

I've done pretty well with this. I stopped talking about certain people. But for some odd reason others won't talk to me because of things. But honestly you can ask anyone l, I haven't said an ill word...i feel good about that! :)

A healthy mind does not speak ill of others.

And there came a point I stopped talking about u, I stopped thinking about u, and I started getting over u. i started living again.

So true and what i`m doing now. If you want to get over a problem, stop talking about it. Your mind affects your mouth and your mouth affects your mind. It's difficult to stop talking about a situation until you stop thinking about it.