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That's if we're to believe these great fanart pieces by Rey Arzeno. View "It's "Days of Future Puff" in this X-Men/Powerpuff Girls Mashup" and more funny posts on Dorkly

As promised last week when we presented a motley of iconic superheroes, today comes the time for the coolest, badass-est of them all, the X-Men (a personal opinion; yet true). Since they’re s…

Iconic X-Men

Iconic X-Men from re:design. Many of the X-Men members done in the style of Aiga icons. I think X-Men characters would have been a better title - I'm pretty sure Mr. Sinister never made the team.

♥ Wonder Woman

What if Wonder Woman was a Disney Princess? This was one for week three of CBR's "The Line Is Drawn" try-outs. The theme was "comic book characters in d. Wonder Woman As Disney Princess

X-Men - L'arbre généalogique des super-héros

X-Men - L'arbre généalogique des super-héros

Here's another comic book super hero family tree from Graphic Designer Joe Stone, the Avengers Family Tree. He also did the X-Men Family tree and the Fan

Bad logic

Glass Prisons can hold homicidal maniacs. Hannibal Lecter- Silence of the Lambs; Magneto- X-Men: The Last Stand Raoul Silva- Skyfall; John Harrison or Khan- Star Trek: Into Darkness; Stitch- Lilo & Stitch- stitch cracked me up!

30 Character designs from Disney Animation Movie Wreck It Ralph. Follow us www.pinterest.com/webneel

30 Character designs from Disney Animation Movie Wreck It Ralph