F.Char, Milan Nikolic on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/#/artwork/f-char

Like a Zerg, But With Better Manners: Milan Nikolic is a concept artist and illustrator from Serbia. You can see more of Milan’s work at his ArtStation page

Bespoke Innovations | 3D-printed prosthetic limbs.

Printers Deliver Competitive Alternative to Traditional Prosthetic Limbs : Make Parts Fast

Forest Camo 03, Alex Figini on ArtStation at http://www.artstation.com/artwork/forest-camo-03

Female cyberpunk postapocalypse armor helmet goggles visor player character npc NOT OUR ART - Please click artwork for source WRITING INSPIRATION for Dungeons and Dragons DND Pathfinder PFRPG Warhammer Star Wars Shadowrun Call of Cthulhu and other

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Since the character looks malicious and sadistic, I see this as a possible idea for my main enemy 'Terra' and it also shows a sense of darkness, due to the armour being a dark colour.

48888 by kaiserisms.deviantart.com on @deviantART  I like the size relationship with these two characters.

I struggle slightly against him, and stop my arguing to say, "Let me at them!" He chuckles a little and shakes his head. " I continue to yell as he walks away ((open rp be him))

Rostislav Zagornov on DrawCrowd.com

Discover the art of Rostislav Zagornov, an Ukrainian artist working as concept and texture artist at Terminal FX.

Constantine XXII century

Once the proud defenders of law and justice, the Vindatus have been reduced to mere bounty-hunters, applying their magic and cunning to the highest bidder.