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My heart can't handle this cuteness

Why sleep when you can meme?

PORQUÊ, PRODUÇÃO?!?! Eles tavam tão lindos lutando juntos, e eu tava tão "TOMA ESSA, CHARA!" Que quase chorei quando vi como acabou ;^;

Papyrus and UT Sans. This actually makes a lot of sense. Even though he's from a different timeline, Papyrus still wants to protect his "little" brother. He would do anythin(Mix Feelings Thoughts)

There are so many

This will probably be the last update unless I get extremely bored again =x= and no, I did not "forget [enter name here]" I'm literall. Boatload of Sans 2

Can someone tell me what's the 4th and last one plz

Underfell Dancetale Underswap Birdtale (si no me equivoco) Understeam Underkeep Outertale y Jeasontale

sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<<= jfc it's like Ranma 1/2

sans human, papyrus human and frisk <<< I'm starting to get a real Ranma vibe going here!

Aww cute comic art of Sans and Frisk

Aww cute comic art of Sans and FriskTap The Link And Save up to On Our Massive Sale!

Sans: Hola,niña

frans❤ [Español Comic's] - Hola,niña...

Sans: Hola,niña

I think the joke is that he knows that you will reset whether you do Genocide again or Pasifit.He knows that you will try again.For good or for bad.

K so I've heard that the genocide/no mercy run (idk if they're different ok) is where characters possesses frisk so consider: characters making frisk kill sans and then temporarily letting go just in time for frisk to watch him die.

Q fofu *o*

See, this is why I love Asgore. Yes, he made huge mistakes but he was just trying to make things better for his own people.<<==I really ship Asgore and Gaster, so this is adorable