Large Pyrographed and Carved Decorative Gourd by NessysNest, $300.00

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Painted Olínala Gourds

Gourds painted with an organic laca or lacquer (made from insect parts) and then beautifully painted in Olínala, Guerrero. The skill of these artisans is so impressive. The lids fit perfectly and don

Gourd ~ Marilyn Sunderland  ~ Miks' Pics "Artsy Fartsy ll" board @

American artist Marilyn Sunderland carves gourds into wonderful works of art, and enhances the etchings with oil and acrylic paints

Woodburned Gourd

Calabaza, Wu Lou, Sau, José Gregorio o Imagen que nos conecte con la Sanación…

Welburn Gourd Farm Class - Cacti Skeleton Vase with Sue Brogdon

This asymmetrical vase features three leaf cutouts that are enhanced with the inner tissue from the prickly pear cactus and outlined with pygmy date palm.

Group_Horses - Carved and Sculptured Gourds...with a passion by Phyllis Sickles

Group_Horses - Carved and Sculptured Gourds by Phyllis Sickles

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