I really love Sasuke and Sakura, but I can't help admit that I love Naruto and Hinata just as much <<< NaruHina is love

Omg hahahahha sasuka the buzz kill

Imagine the conversation Sasuke and Naruto will have to have with the kids after this. Sasuke will probably have a deadpan look as usual (or a murderous look) and Naruto's face will probably be as red as his mother's hair

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Naruto Doujinshi - Hug Me Too! by SmartChocoBear. on Sasusaku Uchiha family Watch your favorite anime series online

Kakasaku Age Swap: Ichiraku by YoukaiYume

Kakasaku Age Swap: Ichiraku by YoukaiYume on deviantART awww haha its so cute!

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Negri Jariya naruto parent I'm HOING to die of sadness and kitsch it's so sad