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Sakura' Family, Naruto's Family,  Sasuke'a Family

Sakura' Family, Naruto's Family, Sasuke'a Family

Sasusaku & naruhina We all know that although Sakura always thinks about Sasuke, however the one who really inspires  her to work hard was Naruto.

SASUKE and NARUTO inspired me! Naruto taught me that no matter what don't ever give up! SASUKE taught me what Loneliness is and that revenge doesn't always solve ur problems!

Omg hahahahha sasuka the buzz kill

Imagine the conversation Sasuke and Naruto will have to have with the kids after this. Sasuke will probably have a deadpan look as usual (or a murderous look) and Naruto's face will probably be as red as his mother's hair

Yasss! Dance, Puppets! Dance! (Madara: "MwaHAHAHA!")

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations/ Uchiha and Uzumaki families /

No one will ever now how much I love this.

Naruto and Hinata like in that one ending song with Minato and Kushina. ----- I hope they make a special episode where we get to see how Naruto and Hinata find out about the pregnancy.