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I'm 36 and I still look better than all of y'all.

I'm 36 and I still look better than all of y'all.

somethings never change!!!! | allkpop Meme Center

somethings never change!!!!

Is it even possible to be any cuter than D.O? EXO LIVES NEXT DOOR is coming soon to DramaBoss!

D.O you are such a squishy~! keke I wanna squish your cute face and kiss your cheek~! *pouts* Saranghae Kyungsoo oppa~ most adorable human being ever I luv ya!

Kyuhyun is not happy....haha

I knew it was only a matter of time before this meme would be made.

What Donghae want Donghae get.... even the precious strawberry milk...

I understand Eunhyuk-ssi (not really, but you know.) xD Donghae-ssi, though.it's not like Hyukie-ssi can say no to him!

The very cute Park Min Woo, who gained popularity after his appearance in FLOWER BOY RAMEN SHOP!

Park Min Woo ♥ He's darling! I loved that his character Ba Wool in flowerboy ramyun shop jealously protected his noona, Yang Eun-bi.