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Phil Lester appreciation post

Phil Lester appreciation post<<<he's just such a good guy and I am just very proud of him

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<insert krusty krab face>

<insert krusty krab face> >>> Me with Phan. I didn't even intend to become a phan. It just happened

Gif!! Power of triangles. This is my favourite thing to ever triangle. (Dan Howell, danisnotonfire)

Power of triangles. This is my favourite thing to ever triangle. (Dan Howell, danisnotonfire)<<< This was the very first pin I saw from the Phandom. Guess you could say I started with a fabulous entrance to the Phandom.

Today my friends and I were selling stuff to other students for a project for class and it was during lunch time so we had to eat while we were selling people stuff and my friend Canyon had suckers for anyone who bought whatever he was selling and I pretended to steal one and he stole it back and he was like "wait where's your lunch" and I just said "I didn't bring one" and he said "oh like you forgot yours? it's ok, I'll-" and I interrupted him saying "no I just don't feel like eating" and…

VERY MUCH<<unless they become criminals or really awful deadly people. << half the Phandom would still support them.


I'm happy to know that Dan is happier but what about Phil?¿ He's wearing more black so would that reflect how he's feeling? Is Phil Lester okay? I need to make sure my precious sunshine is just as happy as my soft squish