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Das Tal der Abenteuer / Enid Blyton #Ciao

Das Tal der Abenteuer / Enid Blyton #Ciao

~ author of Noddy and my favorite, the Famous Five ~ children's book author ~ stories with adventures and mysteries that involve children ~

Biography of Enid Blyton - Author of Children's Books

Enid Blyton - the Famous Five. Old-school? Yes. Twee? Yes. Fantastical? Yes. It still doesn't make us love Enid Blyton's series any less. All the best things about Old Britain, condensed into a narrative.

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Enid Blyton - the Famous Five. Oh, memories! I loved every single book from the series.

I devoured the Famous Five and Secret Seven series when I was a kid. As with Swallows and Amazons, it was the idea of kids going off on their own and having these great adventures all on their own. With the FF in BOATS. I like boats.

The Famous Five. The Famous Five is the name of a series of children's adventure novels written by English author Enid Blyton.

What a lovely way to express this feeling for books you just can't get rid of.

There is space on everyone’s bookshelves for books you have outgrown but can’t give away. They hold your youth between their pages, like flowers pressed on a half-forgotten summer’s day.

Magical memories of reading ALL The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton when I was a child.

Who would deliberately lure somebody on to treacherous rocks on the Cornish coast? Somebody is flashing lights from the old tower on stormy nights - and the Famous Five sense danger. But can they solve this mystery safely?