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Big beautiful teddy bear----what idiots want to shoot these magnificent creatures for sport???

They seem so vicious but there not if u leave them alone otherwise they are sweet and awesome the people who kill animals without a license are called poachers and I am against that I feel that pouching is wrong and bad.

Baby polar bear cub on log

*Siku* ["He" is the polar bear cub of the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, Denmark born November 22 2011 to Ilka (Mama polar bear). His name means "Sea Ice" in Greenlandic language. Siku is an ambassador for his wild cousins in the Arctic.

Che appetito

Bear in Alaska: "Man! Those men from: 'John West' have NOTHING on my fishing technique;" (Photo of Grizzly Bear in Alaska By: Lionel Maye, whic he titled: 'Success.

Scion Mr. Fox Wallpaper for Kids Playroom

what a lovely fox wallpaper! Modern Country Style: Kate’s Creative Space Full Home Tour Click through for details.

I've heard of Upsidown Cake, but Upsidown Bear? Sometimes I wonder...

Funny pictures about Underwater Polar Bear. Oh, and cool pics about Underwater Polar Bear. Also, Underwater Polar Bear photos.

Great catch little guy

BROWN BEAR that live near the coast feed on fish, particularly salmon. These bears will grow much larger than others because of their protein rich diet.