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Bildergebnis für wölfe

Bildergebnis für wölfe

This needs to be read a over and over, to be sure you get ALL of the points made here.

Why no unicorns…

Raising minimum wage would raise the price of everything else. Minimum wage wasn't made to live off of, you mouth-breathers

Le loup grisj

Paint By Number Kits For Adults have been around for over 50 years. Many people gently mock the idea of paint by number paintings, but needless to say 50 years later they are still going strong and hold a steady place in the market for children and.


Grizzly Bear chasing Gray Wolf beside Lamar River of Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, Western USA_ USA

Wolf | Tumblr ✿⊱╮

☀Wolf: Respect the elders….Teach the young…Cooperate with the pack Play when you can…Hunt when you must…Rest in between Share your affections…Voice your feelings…Leave your mark. This is definitely my spirit animal.

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We've teamed up to launch a lawsuit protecting wildlife from the harmful effects of tar sands oil in Minnesota. Read the full story.

Timber Wolf Standing Close to a Forest Tree. (by Jay Warburton).

Wild fantasy

Their paw prints lead you along trails of discovery and insight. To look in their eyes forever imprints your heart. To hear their howl forever marks your soul. To connect with them, forever bonds your spirits.