Deco Poster ~ by Titus Livi "de" Madrazo (1899-1970), 1930's, Ruby et Sagan. Art Deco is a name now given to contemporary art. Deco art was a very large part of the 1970s art movement .

You can't help but get whipped up off your feet by the swooping energy and pulls you you up and to the right and doesn't quite want to let go on the way back. (previous: Tito-Livio de Madrazo Ruby et Sagan

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Art Deco Design Inspiration: Part 2

I have always loved these art deco posters! Vogue by Clawkate in Art Deco Design Inspiration: Part 2

Cardwell Higgins

A tremendous original late pen and ink drawing by Cardwell Higgins titled "A Delightful Page in the Record of My Existence".

Erte-- Art Deco

Romain de Tirtoff (under psuedonym Erté) was a russian born artist that developed his career in fashion during the art d.


Original Design Art Deco Bauhaus Poster Print, Vintage Dance Tango Themed, W. Auden Quote via Etsy. Dance until the cows come home.