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The temporary hair color tricks that will give you cotton candy pink, rose gold, pastel purple, or rainbow dip dyed ends until your next wash. Hair expert Nicole Kahlani tells us how to get rainbow and pastel hair color in a temporary way.

Blue hair It's so pretty

(Open to Kingston family) Willow excitedly skips along to meet her new family. The door flies open and she bounces in.

This is how I expected the hairdresser would do my hair... Living a hair nightmare right now though

Lavender lilac purple pastel hair It would be cool to have this hair color for a day

I love this my favorite color :) I wish I could do pastel colors so badly !!!!!!

If only pastel hair color was office acceptable! Love the purple and pink pastel colors lately.


photography long hair pink hair curly hair colored hair dyed hair e edited hair

powder blue

the most beautiful hair, pastel colors lilac hair purple and pink hair blue and pink hair purple hair blue/lilac .

Hair style

pretty pink bow-so glad ribbons are making a comeback! Haven't liked my ponytail ever since I had to stop wearing ribbons!