Dobos Torte

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Hungarian Dobos Torta (cake)

Dobos Torte - A Hungarian sponge cake that's known for its thin sponge cake layers and complemented with a rich buttercream. It's a show stopper!

Torte Egyptian - impress your guests with this fabulous dessert with pralines and creamy layers.

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Seven-Layer Dobos Torte - Italian Dessert.

This version of the classic Hungarian dessert is made with layers of moist sponge cake and silky chocolate buttercream, then topped with toasted meringue.

This Hungarian recipe for apple meringue pancake torte is made with thin crepe-like pancakes stacked on top of each other, filled with apples and topped with meringue.


Showy Hungarian Dessert Made With Crepes and Apples: Hungarian Apple Meringue Pancake Torte - Almas Palacsinta

Mézes krémes (Budimpeštanske kocke) on

Mézes Krémes Recipe: a wonderful Hungarian dessert made with semolina cream and apricot jam

Hungarian Walnut Torte   Hungarian desserts are the best!!!

Hungarian Walnut Torte

"This truly special cake with its creamy not-too-sweet filling is one I've made for years. People say it is excellent," notes Jeannette Jeremias of Kitchener, Ontario. "I'm the first generation of my Hungarian family to be born in Canada.

Tiramisu torte recipe using all the the flavors of this popular dessert. "Tira-mi-su" is Italian for "pick me up."

Tiramisu Torte

Tiramisu tort recipe using all the the flavors of this popular dessert. Tira-mi-su is Italian for pick me up.

Dobos tortaszelet

Dobos torte is the best and most famous Hungarian torte made of 6 paperthin sponge cake layers, filled with chocolate butter cream and topped with caramel

The Baking Life: Diós Torta or Walnut Torte with Walnut Custard Buttercream

WALNUT TORTE RECIPE - Out of town guest? Time to bake. House guests are always a great excuse for me to try something new. The way I see it: I'll provide.