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I don't know what this is from or who to credit it to.

blood on my name // the brothers bright top shelf song, these guys were a big part of me getting into the folk and old-time genres.

"Small fact my dear. You, are going to die." She says simply and straightforward. "As will every one!" I snap back. " But not by your hand! Nor your sons."

Extract from The Book Thief, Markus Zusak

mood; with the silence comes the screaming

The day death raised a white flag

clair de lune

summer shandy – the front bottoms

"No. I don't kneel before people who try to talk in all capital letters. You don't sound intimating. You sound like an annoyed teenager in a fight on the internet."

Kneel before me, he said calmly as if it was a proposal he was just passionate about. Kneel before him and give him their undying loyalty.

Rahel @ Dabor, who then smirks as Wekesa & Jung-eun come to stand behind them, ready to protect their Sovereign.

[edit made by Lil' Darski]


anna karenina and tolstoy image on We Heart It

Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge Aesthetic

You can say a lot about Matsu. But she doesn't do (Attack) anything with a reason

"I'm a rebel with a cause. If I don't win, I'll feel the loss." -Rebel With A Cause by Silent Rage------------ red aesthetic

Death and I have been scandalously intimate for some time now.

This quote fits a couple of my story inspirations perfectly!

my eyes are always open

it's a hell of a feeling though//-

bob ross help me

sweet like cinnamon

Protector in a nutshell

@its_danilove_xo  ☄

☄ // is thus a Bo Burnham poem?

the dark between the stars

The Lady of the Moon became the darkness between the stars.