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4 things to do while you're being an introvert: read, create, hide from the doorbell because what kind of monster just turns up unannounced?

Sartre Hell is other people 1.4" Soft Enamel Pin – miles to go clothing

This Jean Paul Sartre "no exit" pin measures tall and is soft enamel with a black nickel plating and white enamel fill. Each pin comes on the backing card

Introvert Cat via Meme Generator

Carl Jung is so trendy. Years ago, he really made introversion and extroversion a thing. People ran with it. And suddenly it’s 2013 and everybody is misusing the word introvert. You are not an introvert. No you’re

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INFJ Anonymous on

Yes they do - I painstakingly plan what I'm going to say, and what they might reply, and what I will then say, etc.

ha! Fb is for keeping up with family only now! Seriously all the BS gives me anxiety...

I'll leave the original description: "and no one is reposting pseudo-political bullshit about the environment or the state of society!


22 Funny Comics That Only Introverts Will Truly Understand