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Captain America #200 (Aug. 1976) Special Bicentennial Issue!

Captain America #200 (Aug. 1976) Special Bicentennial Issue!

Incredible Hulk #172. The Juggernaut.

For sale marvel comics incredible hulk 172 juggernaut origin x-men doctor strange herb trimpe artwork comic book emorys memories.

Fantastic Four #100.

Approved By The Comics Code - Human Torch - Thing - Monkey - Invisible Woman - Jack Kirby

Avengers # 127 by Gil Kane, Mike Esposito & John Romita

Avenger Quicksilver and Inhuman Crystal are marrying in the Inhumans' Tavern on Attilan. Wedding crashers: the goliatron Omega and the Alpha Primitives. Wedding smashers: The FF guest on the bride's side.

Fantastic Four #13 (Marvel, 1963) Condition: GD+.... Silver Age | Lot #14331 | Heritage Auctions

Fantastic Four (Marvel, Condition: GD+. First appearance of the Watcher. First appearance of the Red - Available at Sunday Internet Comics Auction.

Marvel Double Feature #8, February 1975, cover by Jack Kirby and Frank Giacoia

Marvel Double Feature , February Art by Jack Kirby. This was actually a reprint of an old Tales of Suspense comic from the but the first I'd seen of it. "Dedicated to action lovers everywhere! Kirby did NOT disappoint!

Tales to Astonish #75 - The End Of The Quest!; Not All My Power Can Save Me!

Tales to Astonish Cover: Hulk by Matt Milla Marvel Comics Poster - 61 x 91 cm

Thor #133 Marvel 1966, Lee / Kirby, Ego the Living Planet VF

Thor #133 Marvel 1966, Lee / Kirby, Ego the Living Planet VF

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