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World Relief partners with local churches in the U.

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Every mother deserves to have proper health care! To many mothers die in childbirth for fixable reasons.

Sustainability - this captures the idea that humans and the environment should be able to co-exist indefinitely

I want to protect the environment. We would love to live in a world where we, environmental advocacy organizations, are no longer needed. BUt as long as nature needs protecting we'll be here to do it.


Hunger kills more that Ebola, but its not considered a significant problem since rich people can`t die of it.

Les droits de l’enfant célèbrent leurs 25 ans ! 25 ans de progrès! Depuis 1990, la prise de conscience sur l'importance d'enregistrer promptement les naissances s'est renforcée pour devenir un moyen essentiel de protéger les droits des enfants. L'#enfant a le droit à un nom, à une nationalité et, dans le mesure du possible, le droit de connaître ses parents et d'être élevé par eux.

has the right from birth to a name, a nationality and to know and be cared for by parents, says the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). 1 in 3 children under 5 officially do not exist because they lack birth registration.

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Saturday is the International Day to End Obstetric Fistula. Obstetric fistula is one of the most serious and tragic injuries that can occur during childbirth. It is a hole between the birth canal and.

In the #US alone, 40 Million Tons of food is wasted each year. Can We End World #Hunger?    We must take part in this poll. Great poll @Mapsofworld

Product softness - do you need a test method to measure it to ensure consistent product quality?

Infographic – Reality of being a mother

Health, clean drinking water, sanitation, and education are just a few of the issues that need improving for women and their families.