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Please tag spoilers. They wouldn't get any references.

Please tag spoilers.>>> poor vampire, but i would sleep for a few decades too if i could.

Next week on Supernatural, the boys get stuck with a retail job at a service station

Unfazed retail worker at Walmart or wherever becomes renowned monster hunter entirely by accident.

I could honestly care less about vamps, but the history nerd in me loves this too much.

Continuation of the "what if aliens thing we're adorable" thing.

Continuation of the "what if aliens thing we're adorable" thing and BOY I love these "humans are X" alien ideas

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You were born on a colonizing spacecraft on your way to a distant star. You are the middle generation of history; born too late to have seen Earth, and too early to live to see your destination.

Please please please. All I want is a tiny dragon. Thats all I need in life. Please

The beginning made me think of Mama Newt and his baby eggs, then the coins and shiny objects reminded me of our favorite little buddy, the niffler!

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