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"I love Sherlock. And cats. Thus, Catlock." --OMG, Catlock was just too funny not to pin!

The things my friend does to me.... She wrapped it in 10 layers of wrapping paper and had told me previously that it was a Sherlock Holmes book, but I unwrap it and its an old dictionary from her house! She later gave me the book that was wrapped in 3 layers of wrapping paper....

Best friends will wrap them in Sherlock memes and laugh at you as you struggle to unwrap all the layers.

I always imagine that Sherlock is covering up a sneaky CCTV camera put up by Mycroft to spy on him.

I love how Sherlock is blocking the view with his hand, like maybe someone is taking a photo if them.<<<< I don't really ship them but the fanart is slowly making me fall into the abyss of Johnlock.

Yep, I'm a Johniarty fan. Well...I never said I was completely sane. -_-

Yep, I'm a Johniarty fan.I never said I was completely sane. -_->> we're all mad here ⊙﹏⊙

I laughed for twenty centuries about this. I love it. I just love it.

Sherlock and John's Mustache. I am dying. << why do I find this so funny?

Johnlock. I saw this on Reddit yesterday. I love it. :3

Anonymous asked: Could you draw Sherlock giving John neck love bites?

Long Overdue Return by voydkessler. Sherlock's deductions...;_;

Valentines present for my wife My hopes for Season 3 Now I'm tempted to do small fanbook of them in comic style like this. Please feel. BBC Sherlock x Watson - Long Overdue Return