City life

Ada Kokosar, stylist and fashion consultant take us around NYC in a ‘Styling Story’ featuring her signature effortlessness.

Καλύτερα να τις αποφύγεις: 5 ατάκες που δεν πρέπει να πεις ποτέ στον… πρώην σου

silhouettes talking on the roof with bright backdrop of city nightlife - Scene 11

twenty-one of the most amazing places in nyc

The Bridge At Tudor City Looking down street, this tourist-free overpass catches the absolute best sunsets any New Yorker (or non-New Yorker) has ever seen.

Vogue UK May 1998 ‘Night Life’ - Amber Valletta by Nathaniel Goldberg, scan via kelles @ TFS

kalifornia-mercy: labsinthe: "Night Life" Amber Valletta by Nathaniel Goldberg for Vogue UK 1999 .