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different sides of raven. they need to do an episode on this, even her robe should change colors I agree with you it's really cool they should do an episode on raven's robe changing colors<<< dude they did do a teen Titans go episode of it!

Teen titans adventure time / iFunny :)

Teen titans adventure time / iFunny :) does anyone else hate tarra and let beast boy get over her and hook up with raven!

This is one of the reasons why I really can't stand Cartoon Network anymore.

My brother watched this fourth wall episode of teen titans go and they showed the old teen titans and the new teen titans and everyone were like "we were so cool back then!

teen titans quotes | Teen Titans "Motivational Posters"   I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOVE RED X!!

Here is the terrifying results of me getting too bored. Ya know all those motivational posters ya see around, well, I keep the basic format, and away we go. unless otherwise stated, the screen caps