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Drawing, painting, sewing and playing guitar in my bedroom was where I spent most of my time as a kid....I still do it sometimes.

I REALLY love this capricorn pin.so true🙌😘😭

Capricorns do not handle heartbreak well...they brood about it silently for a very long time.

Capricorns do not handle heartbreak well.they brood about it silently for a very long time.

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"Not often a morning person". Everyone at my retail job knows that about me. Definitely NOT a morning person, unless I'm going on a road trip :P

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Traits of the Moon Signs. It can be speculated these are sometimes more indicative of our personality than our zodiac Sun Sign since it is very indicative of our conscious or subconscious emotional world. These are not the same as zodiac Sun Signs.

Capricorn Quote-True, a lot of common sense

As a Capricorn, they are often blessed with ample common sense. This is why they are usually told that they are wise for their age. In their natural state, they are rather reserved and somewhat inhibited. im a capricorn not sure if this applies or not

I am actually really funny!

Behind a Capricorn's sensual eyes and smile.

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 you better believe it!

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This symbol is my tattoo!

This explains why I'm technically an Earth element, but feel just as strong connections to Water as well as Earth ❤️ And also why I constantly feel pulled in two different directions at the same time