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Loved this episode! The Rings of Akhaten, very possibly my favorite

Clara Oswald and the Eleventh Doctor -- "We don't walk away." -- Doctor Who

I love how you can see him say, "oops" then he looks at Clara like, "Clara, I broke it. What do I do?"

The Times Photoshoot


Harrison Ford (Han Solo) on the set of ESB, Summer 1979

river song meets rose tyler - Google Search

I have lost things (Rose Tyler, Donna Noble, River Song, Amy Pond, Rory Williams) you will never understand. <~~ excuse me? Amy and rory die!

Entitled “We’re All Stories, In the End,” artist James Hance has done it again with this portrait of the Doctor sitting sadly on a swing. I’ll swing with you Doctor! [Via Nerd Bastards]

Bummed you didn’t get to see Hurt regenerate into Eccleston? Fans believe if you look closely at Hurt’s right eye in this scene, it actually does morph into Eccleston’s. | The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" 50th Anniversary

The 35 Greatest Easter Eggs From The "Doctor Who" Anniversary

Doctor Who Cross-Stitch Pattern

Cover from DWM 417 with Matt Smith as the Doctor. New times, people. Transition time: The Doctor goes from David Tennant to Matt Smith an.

Just once....

There needs to be more male companions. And more Captain Jack.>> I hate it when people don't count the male companions as companions. Because they are just as big a part of the show as some of the girls.

Location: London, Earth Date: December 2009 Enemies: The Master, The Time Lords, Joshua Naismith Dark forces amass at The Gate. Only The Doctor stands between the age of order and the time of chaos.

*starts crying all over again*

"The Doctor and Amy Pond. and the days that never came." This always makes me tear up.

Technically they are 9 and 12, but this is still funny.

Letter size…

8 ½ x 11 hahahahaha <-- from now on, paper dimensions shall be described as john hurt by Matt smith.<<<teacher:now students you will use 8 by 11 inch paper me:- raises hand- i think you mean john hurt by matt smith miss teacher lady