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Unicornio & Mariposa

A brightly colored unicorn tattoo on the arm.thr unicorn is well detailed and the colors are simply giving it more life. The horn is inked in multi color and a butterfly is also drawn on the tip of its nose.

10 Lifeline Tattoo Designs (9)

This is a tattoo that shows the rhythm of a heartbeat. I chose to pin this because the Medulla Oblongata controls our heartbeat involuntarily.

Now there is a book 1 & 2 of black tattoo art. Watching Ink Master has given me a new appreciation for tattoos. Not sure I will ever get permanately inked, but I can't certainly appreciate it.

I absolutely love this. I love paint splatters. Credited as picture from "Black Tattoo Art Book" by Needles and Sins (formerly Needled). I might put this some where else with a messier heart

Like the water color style and line work. subject is lame

Morning coffee (39 photos)