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Barb Horse | Foto Berberpferd, Barb Horse Bild #24679

Barb Horse | Foto Berberpferd, Barb Horse Bild #24679

Baise horse. This breed is native to the Guangxi region of China, where the climate is mild & horse breeding has long been common practice. Bronze statues from 206 to 25 B.C. have been found that look almost exactly like this animal in confirmation. They have obvious physical ties with Mongolian animals.

Side note: This was one of only two photos I could find of this pony-sized horse. All other photos were of horse fights that take place in Guangxi.

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The Abaco Barb is an endangered strain of the Spanish Barb horse breed that resides on the Island of Abaco in the Bahamas. By only seven Abaco Barb horses remained.

The ancient horse breed- Barb

Horses are such beautiful animals. I used to have one named Rusty when I was a child. The ancient horse breed- Barb

Abaco Barb Horse

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