Smart 341 Parkour Concept Design Sketch

Presented at the 2011 LA Design Challenge, the Smart 341 Parkour is a study of a futuristic, agile urban vehicle designed for a animation adventure movie.

smart-341-parkour-compact-future-vehicle-large8.jpg (2307×3531)

Smart 341 Parkour concept features not only futuristic design but also interesting reporter story. Because this year, LA Design Challenge was not just about

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The Citi.Transmitter is a versatile urban-transportation concept that expands on the shared-vehicle solution by offering a mix of eco-friendly modular units for a variety of needs.

smart for joy Showcar, 2013

Daimler owned Smart has teased its latest concept. Smart ForJoy concept is a electric/hybrid city car concept. Smart ForJoy concept is headed to Frankfurt

Smart ‘Fourjoy’ Concept

2013 International Motor Show in Frankfurt have presented to the world the compact four-seater Smart FourJoy Concept that is the forerunner of a new Smart generation.

Bike off (executives bike )by Marcos Madia

7 Wild, Multifunctional Bikes

BIKOFF is a folding bike with a built-in briefcase designed by Marcos Madia. The Bikoff was a finalist in the Seoul Cycle Design competition, but is curren

The #EU #LIVE (Efficient #Ultra #LIght #VEhicle, clever no?) is a biomimetic…

The (Efficient clever no?) is a biomimetic conceptual vehicle that looks like you could drive it into the but we urge you against it. The design is made to be dynamic, being able to cut through the with ease.


Sketch Motor Land Rover Defender 2012 Marussia Motors build sports cars like no other. "My Sports Car Collection" by Jennifer

smirnov artem

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