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This book was written by farmer Joel Salatin.  Check him out on YouTube.com.  I watched 15 different videos my first sitting.  He is called the high priest of the pasture.  Joel has more common sense than any man alive, can't get enough!

Everything I Want To Do Is Illegal: War Stories From the Local Food Front by Joel Salatin. I want to read this!

Birthday surprise...

i can't stop laughing. Lonely Island would be so proud! :) Not to mention Justin Timberlake!

This guy looks more like Sid the sloth than I do

Brother? Brotha!!!

That's horribly funny! God pls forgive me but I laughed uncontrollably for like 5 minutes, crying, and gasping for air.

I am invisible

Every single day my dog sits behind the curtain starring at people, creepy as shit, just sitting there thinking her 100 lb ass is invisible

You've got to watch this! This hilarious video shows the fates of Disney princesses. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH PLEASE WATCH!! Pocahontas was my favorite!!!

What Happens in Disney Movies After 'Happily Ever After'? [VIDEO]

This hilarious video shows the fates of Disney princesses. Besides it being funny, the guy is super talented! If you are a Disney movie buff like me this is super funny and hilarious to watch

I just saw these 2 little british sweeties on Ellen.  They were hilarious when interviewing Taylor Swift.

Sophia Grace and Rosie, they just simply put a smile on my face! We Love watching these girls!