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'Never Permit yourself to be so selfish as to employ Usury to gain unfair advantage over your brothers' Jesus



Wenn du einem Mädel einen Drink ausgibst

Wenn du einem Mädel einen Drink ausgibst

12 signals our body sends to tell us we are too stressed

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Tiny Trumps

A selfie in the Oval Office. My annual Year In Photos will be live at Hawaii time East Coast). I will post the link here.

You ever get the crazy idea that somebody is trying to keep America ignorant?


Paul Ryan trashes Trump in leaked audio On a conference call in October, Ryan told House Republicans he would not "defend Donald Trump.

Cast the nets

Funny Jesus cartoon - you idiot, he said cast the nets not castanets

40 Tons of GMO Crops TORCHED in America, Media Blackout

Our gut bacteria contains the same metabolic pathway found in plants that is targeted & disrupted by RoundUp. Is it any wonder that leaky gut syndrome, IBD, colitis & other gastrointestinal diseases have spiked since the onset of RoundUp Ready GMO crops?