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Photography by Maurizio Di Iorio on

Details and Subtractions - By Maurizio Di Iorio and Ioannis Nikiforakis . Player 1 "Human Being" by Maurizio Di Iorio . Player 2 “Untitled” by Ioannis Nikiforakis .

Italian photographer Maurizio Di Iorio has worked for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Wallpaper*, Vice and Bloomberg Businessweek, creating vibrant fashion images and colourful product photography. Image taken for Vice's Fiction Issue

I like this image as it's unusual and almost resembles Frankenstein being put back together with the screws etc, it's interesting and a really good idea

Still Life Photography – 30 Brilliant Shots put together two things. thing your expected to do and what your not allowed to do. eg dresses, food.

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Maurizio Di Iorio is an Italian photographer who takes very original photos of food, products and flowers especially.