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Leo Valdez melted a snowman. Took me a minute, but I got it. An they misspelled See it should be Sea*

Omg my grandma had a snow globe like this and I was obsessed with it but I also thought it was an actual dead snowman

In the summer of the year 2005 Texas was struck by a destructive tornado. A wooden building fell a prey to the devastating calamity. It was carried away by the force of the tornado and it slashed a hole through another wooden building that was standing a few meters behind the first building. The first wooden building was frenetically twisted into the other one forming a horizontal chimney. The hot tourist destination was created by nature and fascinated the people passing by.

The Hole House, Houston. In two sculptors--Dan Havel and Dean Ruck--turned two houses slated to be demolished into this art project. They called it 'Inversion'. The project was demolished later.