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Menelaus Biography | Menelaus And Paris

Unknown Artist - King Priam of Troy with his court and Helen, watching Menelaus and Paris fight.

PENELOPE Offers an Archery Contest to the Suitors. "Then into the hall came Penelope, bearing (Odysseus') great horn bow and quiver well stocked with arrows, followed by her women carrying her chest with the twelve axes."  - Rosemary Sutcliff (Alan Lee/Homer's Odyssey/user: Aethon)

"Penelope Offers an Archery Contest to the Suitors" by Alan Lee

Astianax - The Trojan Women - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An engraving showing the child Astyanax thrown from the walls of Troy as his mother Andromache looks on.

"Helen watching Menelaus and Paris fight from the walls of Troy", Fortunino Matania

Book III Helen watches the duel of Menelaus and Paris ~ Fortunio Matania

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Three new mosaics were recently discovered in the ancient Greek city of Zeugma, which is located in the present-day province of Gaziantep in southern Turkey. The incredibly well-preserved mosaics date back to century BC.

Ariadne's spool of thread by Alan Lee (Theseus/Labyrinth/Crete/user: Aethon)

Ariadne's spool of thread by Alan Lee (Theseus/Labyrinth/Crete/user: Aethon)

Turkey: Home of TROY

According to the myth, the ancient city of Troy was besieged for 10 years without success.