modern home 31 Welcoming Family Home in Colorado: Kennedy Residence

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Construção de uma casa auto-suficiente -

Soleta ZeroEnergy One by FITS. “Soleta zeroEnergy is a new concept of premium eco homes, developed by the Justin Capra Foundation for Inventics and Sustainable Technologies (FITS). This one is located in the Romanian capital, Bucharest.

Casa Chipicas | Architect Alejandro Sanchez Garcia

The Chipicas Town Houses, designed by Alejandro Sanchez Garcia Arquitectos, are four independent single buildings, which were built inside a private garden in downtown Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

El diseño el cual soporta toda la carga consiste en perfiles de acero galvanizado con paneles prefabricados de abeto de cinco capas que utilizan en las paredes el techo y el suelo. Estas piezas de madera maciza tienen una alta calidad de aislamiento tienen una alta capacidad de almacenamiento de calor y pueden ser instalados de forma rápida y sencilla. La fachada ventilada consiste en paneles de aluminio compuesto.    En Flebex dedicamos todo nuestro esfuerzoen hacer ver al mundo que la…

modern treehouse cabin by andreas wenning, treehouse specialist at baumraum architects, berlin

A Horse Barn Has Been Transformed Into A Modern Guest House In Phoenix

The Construction Zone have taken what was once a horse barn in Phoenix, Arizona, and transformed it into a modern guest house with plenty of glass.

Look at the simple geometry with rich textures!

square foot Toc House in a secluded forest in Tapalpa, Jalisco, México, by Elias Rizo Arquitectos

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Kensington House was designed by Sudney-based Virginia Kerridge Architect. This house explores the idea of “grafting”, a concept often .

Casa Paramount / A Parallel Architecture

Casa Paramount / A Parallel Architecture

Designed by A Parallel Architecture, Barton Hills Residence is a new-construction home located in Austin, TX, USA. Nestled into a hilltop in Barton Hills,

Flipped House / MCK Architects

MCK Architecture in Surry Hills, Australia, is known for its geometric forms and House in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. The residence, home to a young family, integrates indoor/outdoor living to perfection

แบบบ้านวิลล่าแนวร่วมสมัย พื้นที่ขนาดใหญ่กว่า 900 ตร.ม. สะดวกสบายและน่าอยู่ |

A family home design unlike any other: the Mandeville Canyon Residence by Rockefeller Partners Architects boasts a refined and functional interior design.

A Passover & Easter Thought  » Ted Kennedy Watson

A Passover & Easter Thought » Ted Kennedy Watson