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One Hobbyist’s Stunning Collection of Beetles From Around the World

One Hobbyist’s Stunning Collection of Beetles From Around the World

Cyrtonota sexpustulata - Beetle specimen photographed by Udo Schmidt, from his collection.

Leaf beetle; chrysomelidae

Image: Udo Schmidt Stolas mannerheimi This beautiful creature is a thumbnail-sized Tortoise Beetle from Peru.

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Carabidae: Cicindela nitida - M. Smirnov - new macro photos for atlas of beetles of Russia and adjacent countries (September

Calligrapha verrucosa (Suffrian, 1858) F Chrysomeloidea

Bugs that Look Like Bed bugs and How to Identification Bed bugs

Calligrapha verrucosa (Suffrian, F Chrysomeloidea: bugs that look like bedbugs.

Stolas mannerheimi

Beetles in the family Chrysomelidae are commonly known as leaf beetles. This is a family of over species in more than genera, one of the largest and most commonly-encountered of all beetle families.

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1c9ff36823c0f2c34b0b1f839c2ef82f--beetles-insect-spiders.jpg 236×479 像素

Glenurus gratus. Una "hormiga león" (neurópteros) particularmente vistosa.

After emerging from their cocoons, a Dragonfly becomes a "Newt" then adolescent stage & finally an adult

Ailocaria hexaspilota     hip hop instrumentals updated daily =>…

Types of Bugs with Pictures and Names (How to Prevent Bugs In House

Types of Bugs – While there have to do with 500 various species of bugs or insects, only three are in fact understood to feed on human beings. While crawlers, ants, and also flies are considered “residence bugs,” most home .

Barytopus surinamensis - Navy blue, black, white

Barytopus surinamensis - Navy blue, black, white

Elme Beetle

Elm Calligrapha Beetle - Calligrapha scalaris - This elm beetle was once quite common, but the Dutch Elm Disease not only reduced…