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This badge is a symbolic representation of a police officer. Police officers often exhibit the traits of a hero; they are brave and they protect the public often with cost to themselves. Police officers risk their lives for the safety of the public.

LAPD Detective badge

One of the very few things that interest me is to be a detective. I watch a lot of cop shows and it looks like an interesting career.

City of New York Human Resources Administration Special Investigator

A badge of a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. 1856 w 11th place

A badge of a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Embassy Security Group. 1856 w 11th place

This great looking replica marshal mini badge represents the United States Marshals Service - the oldest federal law enforcement agency in the US.

This is the Gun Barrel City Texas Police Officer badge. The logo has Texas' state flag placed in the middle of the badge, inside a 5 pointed star which is encircled with a circle and wreath with the inscription of "Law Order" then 2 pistols and another star which is smaller than the other one then a banner on top with the word "Police Officer".

Drug Enforcement Agent - DEA Badge

I chose this pin because this badge is different than any other badge in the Law enforcement. What makes this badge different than any other badge is you serving more than your community, your serving those who are being destroyed by drugs.

Utah PD

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