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Cary Grant reading with poodle. "Everyone wants to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant.

Salvador Dalí and Yves Saint Laurent. Photo by Alécio De Andrade. What a fabulous portrait!

Salvador Dali and Francois-Marie Banier, Paris, photo by Alecio de Andrade. This is not a photo of the young Yves St Laurent with Dali, as most everyone seems to believe. via voxsart

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor

Jude Law & Ewan Mcgregor this just makes the man board because it's funny. i love them as actors too.

Dog Cosplay

Funny pictures about Poodle horse. Oh, and cool pics about Poodle horse. Also, Poodle horse photos.

Clint Eastwood, Rome, 1960s pic.twitter.com/Fl8XxQJ9uR

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Handsome, talented and coordinated, a young Clint Eastwood skateboards down the streets of Rome in To this day, he’s always had a reputation of working hard and playing hard.

Cary Grant

There will never be another Cary Grant. Cary Grant: "Cary Grant, Cary Grant, everyone want's to be Cary Grant. Even I want to be Cary Grant". as reported

Shirley Temple w/ her dog

Shirley Temple her dog Buster 1933 black & white vintage star love cool photography history best friend love puppy

Paul Newman

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the magnificence of PAUL NEWMAN retro vintage. He is the ultimate MAN.

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Poodles were originally bred as a hunting dog, the "poodle cut" made them more streamlined in the water to retrieve game faster.

Poodles - Smart Active and Proud

...when I'm old I'll need a black standard poodle and a hot pink kaftan

While at the dog groomers today I saw a beautiful black standard poodle. I want one. A big dog that doesn't shed?