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capngrimbeard: You can nerestudy th’ riggin’ o’ ship classes. Knowin’ ‘t can be th’ difference between livin’ wi’ booty an’ bunkin’ in Davy Jone`s Locker!

Pirates of the South Atlantic States Art Print by Geographicsart, $27.00:

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make golf not war

Funny Golf Pictures highlight many things on and off the course that will be found interesting.

O projeto da Orsos Island: A ilha flutuante que custa cerca de R$ 13,4 milhões.

This says its "orso island". Is it really a yacht or house boat? it's just awesome.

Tall Ships was basically a viewer's guide to help them identify the various classes and types of tall ships.

Alexis Marie Chute on

Tall Ships, an infographic guide designed with the ships visiting Boston Harbor in the summer of 2010 in mind.

ship sails

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www.artimanha.com.br historia%20naval Os_Vikings vikings.htm

Traditional layout of a Viking Ship; Each Ship layout pertains to a separate job that the ship is supposed to perform.

running with the wind

Under Sail wing to wing. I hear wind in the rigging and bless the day I first heard the music of the singing of wind and waves upon the deep drawing me on and on until my heart was full and my soul was at peace.