Erkunde Violine, Jazz und noch mehr!

Jazz Bouzouki
A Nyckelharpa. A traditional swedish instrument that literally means "keyed fiddle". Never seen one but I imagine it sounds as unique as it looks.
four-string electric violin by Starfish
This is one weird instrument. Horn-violin (also called trumpet-violin) with its (normal) violin bow.
Favilla Mandobass circa 1925 Mandobasses - you've gotta love 'em thier Fat Ugly and not as good as a Double Bass; just like me
Arthur Ferris Harp Bass. I NEED THIS!
Resultado de imagen para FACILISIMO. DECOUPAGE
?????deluxe Fancy Norwegian Fiddle 4/4 Violin (44) Of Profession Concert #7448
"Kumbaya" Mosaic Guitar, made from recycled guitar, glass, tile, plates, glass globs
Fiddle (crwth) Owain Tudur, 19th century