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Origami banknote box

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Curious and Catcat: Tiny Origami Boxes DIY

These last few days I spent my new free time with all the small and simple things that make life so lovely: sleep, a good boo.

Money Origami #1

Money Origami #1

Origami money butterfly. Step by step instructions on site.

Easy Money Origami Buttefly Folding Instructions - How to Make Dollar Bill Origami Butterfly

DIY Origami - Bead & Cord

Don't be discouraged by the seemingly complexity of this model or the amount of creases necessary. it is actually fairly easy, and with practiced hand.

origami art - Google Search

Japanese graphic designer and origami expert Yosuke Hasegawa has taken the traditional paper craft to new heights. Using money bills from.

7 DIY Money Gifting Ideas

DIY Money ORIGAMI tutorial - Can be empty and still be a valuable present :) DIY: dollar bill gift box (tooth fairy)

Money Origami Pixie Shoe Folding Instructions - How to Make Dollar Bill Origami Pixie Shoe

DIY Money Origami - Pixie Shoe - Step by Step Tutorials for Star, Flower, Heart, Buttlerfly, Animals. Tree, Letters, Bow and Boxes - Cute DIY Gift Ideas for Birthday and Christmas Cards - DIY Projects and Crafts for Teens