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Exactly what I was talking about with D&AD pencil. Background and part of object exactly the same colour, but shading and details filling in the gap, but then also using a part of it, or a section (maybe internal cogs or whatever) as brushed steel.

French Cartoon of Diving Lady

French Cartoon of Diving Lady, Now Smile

L'alphabet des animaux par Marcus Reed est très lumineuse et colorée. Idéal pour les enfants que chaque mot est constitué d'un ou un groupe d'animaux qui commencent par la même lettre. Des dessins très pédagogiques et utiles pour tous ceux qui luttent pour trouver un animal qui commence par une certaine lettre, il n'est pas trop complexe à comprendre, simples et clairs.:

Animal Alphabet

This animal alphabet by Marcus Reed is very bright and colourful. Great for children as each word is made up of one or a group of animals that start with the same letter.

Theatre Poster

with patriot: patriot face blurry or over-layered along with next page or spread with clear depiction of the unmasked patriot

In Reverse: o vídeo que faz um apelo pelo fim da guerra síria  Façamos um apelo pelo fim dessa guerra injusta, que envolve fanatismos e interesses econômicos. O custo? Vida de crianças e famílias inteiras.  #withsyria #FFCultural‬ #FFCulturalPolitica #Síria #Syria #Guerra #War

In Reverse: o vídeo que faz um apelo pelo fim da guerra síria

Syrian Playground - This Anti-War Video Plays Backwards And Is Probably The Most Impactful Ad Of The Year

What Makes a Shadow / Clyde Robert Bulla, illustrated by Adrienne Adams

Clyde Robert Bulla - What Makes a Shadow?, 1962 Artwork by Adrienne Adams via Stopping Off Place