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Keeping this in mind for a happier Thanksgiving! Instead of giving thanks we'll be giving spanks.

The college triad: academic, social, and sleep life...which 2 are right for you?

Academics; Social Life; Sleep. Pick 2. That’s College.


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That will be their great dilemma. Maybe you can book a name for 'em now. :P ;)

Funny pictures about Problems of the future. Oh, and cool pics about Problems of the future. Also, Problems of the future photos.

Yep sounds about right

Funny and relatable moments in life that makes you go lol so true. Come have a laugh or submit your lolsotrue moment.

<3 but actually I love it :D

Also is known to cause large tumors to grow in women. After nine months, the growth does unspeakable things to the body and then becomes extra-corporeal, causing psychological damage to both men and women.