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Die Cosplays sehen toll aus und mir gefällt das Foto gut, das Spiel mit der Unschärfe und Perspektive ist toll.   <3 <3 <3

I'm just a sucker for panty and stocking xD I want to angel stocking next after I do her normal form!

This costume is called “Artoo Tuto,” and it’s from JINX designer Leeloo (aka Samantha).

R2-D2 Ballerina Cosplay: This Is The Droid You've Been Looking For

SuperJail -- Warden Cosplay Costume :: SuperJail :: Cosplay Costumes :: Costumes :: COSPLAY HOUSE

Cosplay Costumes differ from regular costumes in that they are often more detailed than a typical Halloween costume.

I don't usually pin cosplay, but this is just adorable.

Dragon Con Day 4: No Sleep, Sore Feet, and Still Going With Great Costumes

Link cosplay ideas - legend of zelda

Hipster Zelda and Link The guy dressed up as Link kinda reminds me of one of my friends older brother.


He is the true hero of all the movies.All the cool things you can only do with the bad guys.Not just in movies ;-) No-let's be honest:It's not a good idea to fall in live with these guys.


This is the back of my Shiva wig. I used a blue straight base wig and wefted in 13 packs of extensions over foam core.

Stein and spirit cosplay soul eater

Doctor Franken Stein and Spirit Albarn cosplay - Soul Eater. Doctor Stein looking awesome.

Naruto Sakura Cosplay girls

Custom-made Naruto Sakura Cosplay Costume Sell Online

darker than black

Darker than Black