Erkunde Eis, Nordpol und noch mehr!

Amundsen, covered in wolf.
Rare Portraits of Roald Amundsen. The First Person to Reach the South Pole
ANTARCTIC EXPLORER: Sir Ernest Shackleton.
Photos discovered frozen in block of ice… Alexander Stevens on the  Aurora, 100-Year-Old box of negatives photos, discovered frozen in block of  Antarctica's ice,
Scotch R'Belle
Matthew Henson ~ for 23 years was an associate with Robert Peary in the Arctic.  They may have found the geographic North Pole, but the evidence is not conclusive.
In 1666 the Great Plague tore through London, wiping out nearly a quarter of its population. See how it spread, who was blamed and how many died in our infographic – packed with surprising facts and figures.
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