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You may waste my time energy and emotions but you will not break me. I have been through too much to let you ruin me now

You touched me without even touching me. | rupi kaur | #INTJ

Discover the Top 25 Most Inspiring Rumi Quotes: mystical Rumi quotes on Love, Transformation and Wisdom.

excerpt from page 140  preorder: rupikaur.com/milkandhoney

Rupi kaur this how it works and I thought winging about being not good enough was so romantic. :D I love you baby you are healing very well You are doing very well You are my Sunrise baby I love you

nayyirah waheed   ~ " Living by synchronicity isn't merely about getting messages.  It is about growing the poetic consciousness that allows us to taste and touch what rhymes and resonates in the world we inhabit, and how the world-behind-the-world reveals itself by fluttering the veils of our consensual reality."     ~           Robert Moss   ~

How true, words have so much depth and meaning. Some words can literally take my breathe away, or make me cry, whilst some just make my heart skip a beat. The great power of Words.