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(Open RP I'm Shadow Bonnie) *gasp* I'm finally not a shadow anymore due to Toy Bonnie! Yay!

Così sembra Toy Bonnie con i vestiti di Shadow Bonnie e lenti a contatto

Mike's gonna drop some puns on puppet!

If u had not seen the pin were there is purple guy listening to it's been so long u will not get thins nixy "MIKE" were are u ? (Looks in box stop it mike get back to your place and stop scaring puppet master!

[FNAF] Open the lid / collab by yangyangXD.deviantart.com on @DeviantArt

1 - yangyangXD 2 - BelovedMeimei 3 - Ailurophile-Chan XD It was fun! Thank you for good job [FNAF] Open the lid / collab