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U know this has nothing to do with tøp but I had to include it

Grumpy Stumpy<---OMG YES←←He can't even be mad tho.he is even more adorable god HALP

Patrick at Minnesotas Jingle Ball!!! So excited to see FOB there this winter!!!

Patrick at Minnesotas Jingle Ball! So excited to see FOB there this winter!

Patrick Stump sipping tea. Cute.

{Open// Patrick} I read my book silently, not caring if some people were staring at me as they passed me. I grabbed my tea and took a sip, casually glancing up before returning to my book, not aware [y/c] was watching me.

Stop being so cute Patrick!!

I'm not ready for a handshake with death, no

Omg Patrick with a trucker hat!!!! >> omg it's vans. i love vans:)

Omg Patrick with a trucker hat! i love vans:)<<< this makes me stupidly happy