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Lluvia #rain

“There is no real ending. It’s just the place where you stop the story.” ~ Frank Herbert fairytale photo photography of a girl in a ball gown sitting on steps in the rain



Tu as fait ton choix de me quitter Valérie. Tu me dit de rentrer au poulailler et de te foutre la paix. je l'ai accepté, cela fait mal car c'est toi qui cette fois ci fait la faute et c'est moi qui prend, je t'aime et t'aimerais le plus longtemps possible. je sais que tu verras ce texte car tu vois tout . Prend bien soin de toi, je t'aime très fort et je t'adore...

Se souvenir

Sitting against the wall, I stared out at the sheet of rain, blocking her from the rest of the world. Does she pull through, find some miraculous cure?

Pose, sitting sideways in a chair. Ana Rosa

louise-lita: Daylight Shadow by *Methyss

rodney smith

Teacup shoot, cool dress, and LIGHT

Besides hair and dress color, this is exactly how I would describe Sacora midway through Chapter 1!

Entre Ciel Et Mer by GothicNarcissus on deviantART

Execution at the gallows. Photography by Katerina Plotnikova.

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RainyMood.com  -- for all your rain listening needs :)

I love to snuggle in my favorite blanket on the sofa and read a good book when it rains A rainy day inspires me to watch old movies .

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Forest maiden, medieval, fantasy "The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Yeats Enchanted Woods by Jessica Drossin on



Three Rivers Deep | elemental book series "A two-souled girl begins a journey of self-discovery..." READ MORE @ http://threeriversdeep.wordpress.com/three-rivers-deep-book-one-overview/

Book 1📚 Caught up in a world of elemental animals & people who can control air, water, sunlight, & more…

Fantasy Magic Fairytale Surreal Myths Legends Stories Dreams Adventures Fairytale by orlarose Photo by Leah Huete

Who ever said that faery tales aren't real have just stopped dreaming...

“The thing about life is, you’ve got to somehow make it through the day. Don’t wait for the beautiful evening. Of course, the beautiful evening will come. In fact, she’s on her way.

daughter of the forest

"Don't Leave" - I'm a sucker for lake photographs.

You KNOW it's you, it has to be... and you're so incredibly angry when you find out it isn't. You feel the envy and the rage surge through you as you plunge your knife into her back, tears streaming down your face. She made you do it, you tell yourself. It's her fault.


I'm thinking a Alfie-Matt thing, or maybe Feli-Lovi. Mother is OC.

Change the bees to people and make up a different reason

Change the bees to people and make up a different reason

God, this sounds like a freaking Twilight novel, except he wasn't a vampire. He was something much, much more dangerous. And I wasn't stupid enough to stick around, at least not willingly.

Wasn’t human.

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